Delivering a flexible Integrated Business Planning solution for forward thinking companies.

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The only true one-number IBP solution on the market worldwide, specifically tailored for the consumer goods market.


Platinum service levels during and post implementation creating strong, ongoing partnerships.


Exceptional value with return on investment in less than a year.

Blueshift provide:

An Integrated Business Planning Solution

Blueshift’s ONE Solution enables Integrated Business Planning.  It brings together trade promotion management (TPM), demand planning, joint business planning (JBP) and financial control to deliver a unified forecast from volume down to gross margin.

Consulting and Implementation

Blueshift’s experienced team provide best practice consulting to assist companies on their IBP journey as well as the technical, solution, project and training expertise to ensure successful implementations.

Customer Experience

All of Blueshift’s customers enjoy platinum service levels: underpinned by proactive ongoing consulting and training, data analysis, interface monitoring and upgrade installation all contribute to strong partnerships.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution is for:


Companies choose Blueshift because:

One-number IBP

Specific R&D has gone into making Blueshift’s ONE Solution an accurate, user friendly baseline and incremental IBP tool designed for consumer goods companies.  No other tool in the market matches ONE’s capabilities.  Learn more.


Blueshift have a strong reputation in the industry for having the capability to deliver successful IBP implementations, and provide ongoing platinum service levels.  Blueshift have partners, not just customers. Learn more.


Blueshift represent great value with returns made easily within the first year.  Optimise trade spend by just 1% and make a 2% improvement in stock turns and deliver million dollar savings. Learn more.

"Implementing Blueshift’s Forecasting and Trade Spend Management tool has significantly improved the visibility of how and where we spend our Trade Investment funds. Consequently, we can review and optimise our investment for the greatest return on our funds. Along with this, the improved confidence in our forecasting has resulted in reduced stock holdings, increased stock turns and an ability to make significantly better decisions around the efficiency and effectiveness of our spend."

− Grant Lewis, Commercial Manager - Sales, Marketing & Innovation, Sanitarium

"The ONE Solution offers a great link across forecasting, accruals and claims and presents it all in one central location, in a user friendly interface. ONE has been a great improvement to Fonterra systems as it has removed a need for a mass of spreadsheets and manual calculations."

− Jo Stephens, Woolworths Account Manager, Fonterra Brands Australia

"The Blueshift team are highly engaging, responsive and very adaptable to business needs and that is complemented by a high level of industry experience."

− Al Sloan, Business Analyst, Bulla Dairy Foods

"It is quite apparent that being in a position of having good information and data at your finger tips will give any business a competitive edge in regards to the way business is conducted. When we looked at Blueshift, we saw a solution that would be able to take our business to the next level, by allowing us to gather, process and manage information more accurately, giving us the ability to make good and informed decisions in a timely and quick fashion. We found that Blueshift were highly professional in their dealings with us, understood our needs and from a cultural perspective, a good fit for Patties Foods. We don't view Blueshift as a vendor that we deal with, but more like a value add partner that will assist in achieving our goals"

− Zelko Erdec, General Manager of Information Technology, Patties Foods

"GilkesonKemp have been engaged over the past 2 years on behalf of a consumer healthcare client to scope and implement an integrated business planning platform within their business. Throughout the RFI and RFP process, we approached Blueshift to take part, believing that the ONE solution may be exactly what the client was looking for. Throughout the RFI and RFP process, Blueshift were engaging and flexible and demonstrated that not only did they possess the technical power and software that would deliver the capabilities that the client needed, they had the people and industry experience that would be needed to support the implementation and ongoing needs within the business. Over the last 12 month we have worked with Blueshift daily in the project planning and implementation of the ONE software into the business. It has been a real pleasure to work with the Blueshift team. The project implementation has not been straightforward, requiring a significant amount of customisation, as well as some additional requirement executive requests that were brought on board in the midst of development and implementation. Blueshift have taken this all in their stride, they have always been professional and approachable and willing to “think outside the box” to meet the needs of the business. The ONE solution went live in the business approx. 4 months ago now and is significantly transforming the way the business plans for demand, and plans, tracks and manages financial expenditure. I continue to receive positive feedback on the new solution from client stakeholders on a weekly basis. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Blueshift team and the ONE solution to any business looking for an integrated business planning solution. I look forward to hopefully working with the team again in the future."

− Fi Gilkeson, Director, GilkesonKemp

"Blueshift was a logical choice for Vitality Brands. Its client centric team were highly commended through our network and the solution was tailored to suit our business needs."

− Richard Meyrick, Executive Director, Vitality Brands

"The decision to implement Blueshift’s Forecasting and Trade Spend Management Tool (ONE) was driven by the need to significantly improve the visibility on how we spend our trade investment funds, scenario plan future promotional activities, improve confidence in our forecasting, reduce stock holding, increase stock turns and the ability to make significantly better decisions around the efficiency and effectiveness of our spend. We believe, based on a fantastic track record and testimony of other organisations, that Blueshift is the right partner to work with in order to achieve these needs."

− Jean Tiran, Commercial Manager, Life Health Foods