Blueshift to attend POI European Summit

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Blueshift will be attending the POI European Promotion Optimization Summit in Amsterdam from May 9 – 11.

Blueshift, a leading IBP solution provider in the Asia Pacific region; are excited by the opportunity to meet with forward thinking companies in Europe and discussing how we can help solve their complex business problems.

We are further excited by having Grant Lewis, Commercial Manager SOP New Business from Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing presenting on “Deriving Healthy Returns from Successful Integrated Business Planning”.  This is certain to be one of the highlights of the 3 day event.




Blueshift Team Expansion

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The Blueshift team has expanded once more!!

Nicholas Spillett recently joined the Blueshift Product Team.

After a year working in the TPx industry in Customer Support and Development roles; Nicholas made a move to Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence, working on research and development – with projects ranging from tiny custom electronics to building and programming a 147,456 core CUDA super computer – all of which were used operationally to keep Australians safe.   After 6 years at the Australian Government, Nicholas decided it was time to move back to the private industry and sought out the best and brightest from his previous time in the private sector where he found more than one of his previous colleagues; Stephen and Wayne, working at Blueshift which made the choice of preferred employer crystal clear.

With the addition of Nicholas to our team, the Product Team has split into two teams.  Nick has joined our “Red” team focused on migrating to new technologies, aiming to deliver improved scalability and performance.  Our other team, the “Blue” team will continue to focus on delivering new features and change requests to our existing customers and new customers.

Listen to your customers

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I recall being told a number of years ago “Ignore your customers at your peril”; something that has stuck with me.  When building a great software solution, one the most important thing a solution provider can do is listen to their users.  Every user will have the “best feature” that you just must put in your solution which presents one of the greatest challenges any product manager has; making roadmap priority decisions that will meet the expectations of all users and all these worthy ideas.  As the user base increases, this challenge becomes greater with more ideas, differing opinions on priorities coupled with a finite development capacity.

As a direct result of listening to our customers (and adding more functionality), at Blueshift we were starting to see this problem arise and were challenged on how to best prioritise?

We do take our own advice at Blueshift, so instead of creating a spreadsheet and trying to manage feature requests, we sought out the industry best practise solution.  After evaluating a number of solutions we settled on UserVoice.

UserVoice allows our users to make product suggestions in an on line forum open to all our users, comment on suggestions from other users, and finally vote on the ones they like.  Blueshift then uses this information to make quantitative data driven decisions to prioritize our product roadmap.  This process not only means we are adding the features our users want most, but our process is transparent to our users too.

We see this as another way we are improving the Customer eXperience at Blueshift.  Check it out at

Ice Creams for everyone!!

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Do you celebrate the start of project with your team?

At Blueshift we do; and why not?  We believe in starting a project on a high, and finishing on one too; so for us it was simple.

Our valued customer Peters Ice Cream recently gave the green light for a new project, so we got the whole team together for an ice cream to kick off the project.

The new project will see Peters Ice Cream become one of the first customers to embrace our new big data platform we are migrating to over the next year, so it was certainly a great cause for celebration.    Many more ice cream days to come for the Blueshift team!

Why have a User Group?

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With our next user group in a just over months’ time, I recall being asked recently by an associate why would a solution provider run a user group?  My answer was simple; we don’t, it is a user group ran by the users for the users.

When we first set out to 15 months ago to create the user group, I honestly had no idea if it would get past one meeting, but here we are about to embark on the fourth and we keep getting more people attending.  I put the continued success and growth down to a few simple things I set down at the initial user group:

  1. The users own it. Blueshift certainly do assist the host of each event to ensure the invites can get to the users, but we let the users control the group.
  2. There will be no selling from Blueshift. So, by selling, I mean no planned selling such as licences or services directly during the meeting.
  3. The agenda is set by the users.

So, there it is, the secret to the user group success.  Well, beyond that, we have been fortunate to have several strong leaders in the group who see the value and want to ensure it is a success as they see the benefits to their business.

This gets me back to my original question around “Why have a user group?”   I could give the standard “Marketing 101” response of collaboration, networking, user empowerment and providing a voice for users, and yes they are all important things; but the real reason we see value in having a user group is to allow the users to share with each other and continue to realise the return on their investment.   At Blueshift, we aim to see our customers continuing to get value beyond the go live date, so this forum provides a great opportunity for our customers.

To me, if a user leaves with one idea that adds value to their business, then the forum was worth it.  I have seen users leave meetings and implement change in their business and that does provide a great level of satisfaction.

As a solution provider with experienced consultants who have been in the industry over 20 years, we can advise our customers on the right business process for their business, but when a they listen to how their peers are solving the same business problem they have; it provides a different level of certainty when implementing business process improvements.

Listening to users and how they use our solution certainly provides great input into our product management process.  Our customers are all selling their products to the same customers, and have the similar business problems, so by listening and observing we can gauge what improvements we can make to our solutions to solve the current business problems such as seamless Joint Business Planning. The Blueshift ONE solution is the world only true Integrated Business Planning solution available in the Consumer Packaged Goods space; which can be attributed to listening to users and staying ahead of the latest market trends, something we intend to keep doing.

In summary, to answer in a few words “Why have a user group?”, I would say to simply “To improve the Customer Experience and Return on Investment.”

Stephen McGrath – Chief Customer Officer & VP Customer Experience (CX)


Life Health Foods to implement Blueshift ONE Solution

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Blueshift Logo Square








AUCKLAND, New Zealand and SYDNEY, Australia

Life Health Foods (LHF) today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Blueshift to implement its ONE Solution.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution has been adding value to Australian and New Zealand FMCG companies since 2002, helping them to save bottom line dollars through promotion profitability optimisation and supply gains as a result of improved forecast accuracy.

“The decision to implement Blueshift’s Forecasting and Trade Spend Management Tool (ONE) was driven by the need to significantly improve the visibility on how we spend our trade investment funds, scenario plan future promotional activities, improve confidence in our forecasting, reduce stock holding, increase stock turns and the ability to make significantly better decisions around the efficiency and effectiveness of our spend. We believe, based on a fantastic track record and testimony of other organisations, that Blueshift is the right partner to work with in order to achieve these needs” said Jean Tiran, Commercial Manager at Life Health Foods.

Justin Stafford, Solution Architect at Blueshift, added “Life Health Foods is an up and coming company that has fantastic health principles which are very attractive to Blueshift. We are very excited to be working with LHF.”

About Blueshift

Blueshift specialises in Integrated Business Planning incorporating Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Demand Forecasting, Joint Business Planning and Business Intelligence.  Blueshift’s flagship product is the ONE Solution; which consists of an integrated, end-to-end ONE Number software tool for TPM and Demand Forecasting and the associated best practice processes including S&OP.  Blueshift’s solution includes business intelligence and reporting as well as support and maintenance services.

About Life Health Foods

Life Health Foods brings together some of Australia’s most innovative plant-based food brands. LHF sets out to enrich lives through creating innovative plant based foods, using only ethically sourced ingredients.


Blueshift                         Justin Stafford    
Life Health Foods         Jean Tiran           

Contacting us just got easier

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With more businesses choosing Blueshift as their preferred Integrated Business Planning solution, our phones have never been running hotter.  To ensure our valued customers can get through to our customer team with ease we have upgraded our phone system.

When many businesses upgrade their phone systems today the first thing they do is have a machine talk to you and tell you your call is important.  At Blueshift, we know you value speaking to a real person and realise your call is important, so you wont be put in a queue by a machine, you will be spoken to by a person.  Of course we do have some automated answering, but we will only have the machine answer outside normal business hours or during peak times to ensure your call is never missed.

This is just one of the new things we are implementing at Blueshift to ensure as we grow, your customer experience improves.

Our new numbers are as follows:

Sydney: +61 2 8960 6305 | Melbourne: +61 3 8394 0461 | Brisbane: +61 7 2101 3549

Blueshift Winning Team!

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At Blueshift, we believe in a healthy mind and body.  With this in mind, a group of Blueshift staff (Justin, Brenton, Terence, Brett) with some family and friends recently competed in the Morisset Touch Football Division 1 mixed competition.

touchfooty2016The team playing had never played together as a whole before the season started, but this was no barrier for the Blueshift team progressing through the season undefeated with their closest victory being an 8-7 win, where they had no substitutes.

Beyond being awesome on the field with their play, they looked awesome in their Blueshift uniforms.

The Grand Final was no different to the regular season with the team running the opposition “Team Black” out of the park with a 12-2 victory, the first try coming in the opening minutes.



Escape from the Blueshift office!!

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The Blueshift team headed out of the office this week for a different type of problem solving.  The team ventured to Sydney’s Escape Hunt to embark on team problem solving games.

We broke into four teams, and embarked on solving two challenging problems.escapehuntteamphoto

Two teams worked on the “Jason Bourne Secret Service Mission”. This involved becoming part of Jason Bourne’s team as CIA’s most dangerous former operative is drawn out of hiding to uncover more explosive truths about his past and dodge ruthless CIA assassins.

The remaining two teams had to solve the challenging “Assassin in the Pub”.  This was based on the real life 1920’s Razor Gangs of Sydney. Bruhn a razor gang leader has been assassinated! We had to figure out if the assassin was one of Sydney’s most powerful gang leaders, Madam Tilly Devine or her arch rival Madam Kate Leigh. Well, unfortunately the teams ran out time to find out who did it, so we might need to head back again.

Following on from this, the team enjoy a great Christmas lunch in Darling Harbour on a beautiful sunny Sydney day to celebrate what has been another great year where Blueshift welcomed some awesome new team members to work with our growing list of equally awesome customers.


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