New Inquiries

The best way to learn more about Blueshift's ONE Solution is to arrange for an on-site discussion and demonstration.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution is distributed by international consulting and bench-marking firm Childs Davidson (as well as directly by Blueshift).  Contact Childs Davidson at their website where they will be able to arrange for an on-site discussion and demonstration. or +61 2 8960 6305

Contact Blueshift directly to coordinate an on-site discussion and demonstration.  Blueshift and Childs Davidson work closely together.  Customers will experience the benefits of the expertise of both companies regardless of their desired contact method.

Existing Customers

Contact Blueshift for any support or advice, we are excited to be able to help.

View online documentation and existing support cases.

Email Blueshift support to open a new case.

Sydney: +61 2 8960 6305 | Melbourne: +61 3 8394 0461
Brisbane: +61 7 2101 3549 | Auckland: +64 9 930 6359

Speak to the customer team directly.

Suggest a product feature or vote on a suggestion from another user.

Blueshift Office

 5/19 Reliance Drive Tuggerah NSW 2259 Australia

The Product Team (responsible for ongoing development of the ONE Solution) and the Customer Team (responsible for consultingimplementations and support) are both located here.  The Customer Team travel regularly to be on-site with customers – travel to Sydney takes less than an hour and both Newcastle and Sydney airports are within easy reach.

 PO Box 3368 Tuggerah NSW 2259 Australia

Blueshift’s postal address.