Blueshift’s ONE Solution

Learn how Blueshift's ONE Solution enables Integrated Business Planning.

Trade Promotion Management

Scenario model and manage promotional programs easily with integrated inputs from the ERP, demand planning, and external providers such as scan data. Manage all in a single system, generating demand, commercials, calendars, analysis and reporting.

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Demand Forecasting

Maintain an accurate bottom up customer forecast using advanced algorithms and managing exceptions, at various point in the hierarchies. Accurately manage a baseline excluding promotions and integrate the incremental from the account team in real time.

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Business Intelligence

Report an accurate P&L forecast to Gross Margin in real time.  Slice and dice in Excel, and view and distribute management, dashboard, and exception reports through the business.  Learn more.

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Interface master and transaction data from the ERP, and commercials to the ERP.  Feed the Consensus Business Plan to supply and the corporate Data Warehouse. Import scan and other third party data.  Learn more.

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Features in Detail

Explore Blueshift's ONE Solution in detail by role.

Account Executives and Managers

Quickly and easily build promotional programs.  Meet the sales and profitability targets of the business.  Quickly model scenarios and optimise profitability for both you and your customer. Manage the nuances of promotions for every account, and ease the pain of accruals and forecast with end to end integration.

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Demand Planners and Managers

Reduce bias and improve accuracy using a true baseline and incremental forecast.  Make changes at any level in the hierarchies, and see changes to the forecast including promotions visually and in real time. Slice quickly through the range using A’s B’s and C’s for reviews, and collaborate with the business in real time for true Integrated Business Planning.

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Financial Controllers and CFOs

Understand where sales and gross margin will come in at the end of the fiscal year.  Drill down for customer and product profitability.  Never pay an illegitimate claim again through accurate promotional matching and authorisation.  Set spend limits for the account team. Reduce audit hassles with accurate and transparent promotion level accruals.

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Sales Directors

Report on sales and gross margin by customer and product, and know where the gaps are to budget for the full year.  Set meaningful KPIs for the sales team based on sales, spend and GM.  Receive accolades from your customers for superior Delivery Performance and service levels.  Set authorisation limits for the team and spend more time collaborating that validating data

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Category and Commercial Analysts

Slice and dice actual, forecast, and budget metrics by all dimensions.  Overlay ex-factory, secondary and scan sales.  Understand the business profitability and the customer’s.  Compare and optimise individual promotions and overall programs.  Understand what worked and what didn’t.  Save the analysis and reports for easy access by the wider team.

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AP and AR Clerks

Quickly and easily process hundreds of claims.  Match claims to promotions and allocate volume and value to customer and product level automatically.  Route over-spend for approval electronically.  Maintain a rigorous process for claim matching and authorisation by the sales team, and for disputes.

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Technical Information

Understand the technology behind Blueshift's ONE Solution.

Solution Stack

Blueshift’s ONE Solution is built on the Microsoft stack, using best practice tools and techniques including SQL Server, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, IIS and WPF.  End users are naturally familiar with the user experience which aligns closely to Office applications such as Excel.

Release Cycle

Blueshift’s ONE System is on a per feature release cycle.  Blueshift heavily invest in ongoing development and all new features (and fixes) are available to all users once developed and tested; with most customers installing a new release three times per year.


Due to the highly sensitive nature of IBP data, all of Blueshift’s installations to date have been on internal company infrastructure supported by Blueshift remotely.  SAAS including cloud hosting is however available.

System Requirements

End users require Microsoft Windows (Vista minimum), .NET framework (4.5), IE and Excel (2010 minimum).  The rich client is deployed and updated automatically using Click Once.  For full client and server prerequisites, click here.

ERP and Interfaces

Blueshift’s ONE Solution has been interfaced with SAP, JDE, Pronto, Movex, MFG Pro, Accpac and COGNOS – as well as Scan providers Aztec and AC Nielsen.  The system is very flexible in its interface capabilities – web APIs, text files, direct database connections, and other methods are all compatible.

Remote Access

Given the system is ordinarily hosted on internal infrastructure, remote access is made possible using the corporate VPN, Citrix, VDI, or other mechanism.  Given the end to end nature of the solution and the complexity and volume of data, entirely offline access is not supported.

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