For Account Executives and Managers

Explore the top features that enable Integrated Business Planning for Account Executives and Managers.

Quickly and easily build promotional programs.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution makes it incredibly easy to build and manage promotional programs.

  • Build promotional program quickly for your account, including many promotional groups with different mechanics and frequencies;
  • Duplicate existing plans and make budgeting and scenario planning easy;
  • View the promotional calendar and clash report;
  • Evaluate the impact of the program on the Consensus Business Plan in real time.

Model scenarios and meet the sales and profitability targets of the business.

With IBP at its core, modelling scenarios is central to Blueshift’s ONE Solution.

  1. Use the ONE System to automatically provide volume and price recommendations;
  2. Scenario plan at item and promotion group level;
  3. Quickly model scenarios across your entire account.

Optimize profitability for both you and your customer.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution is designed to help account managers with their customer facing relationships.

  1. Compute the retailers revenue and profitability numbers;
  2. Analyse and report on the retailers profitability;
  3. Generate a Joint Business Plan (JBP).

Manage the nuances of promotions for every account.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution manages the various account complexities.

  • Manage different channels such as Food Service using different screens and fields;
  • Manage promotions with customer and state based exceptions such as Metcash;
  • Manage banner and secondary account promotions;
  • Manage a variety of different mechanics such as invoice deals (and buy periods), price overrides, multi-buy, quantity breaks and multiple costs.

Ease the pain of accruals and claims with end to end integration.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution is designed as a single point of entry with one of the outputs accruals.

  1. Generate and manage accruals with ease;
  2. Actualise promotions (when scan data is available);
  3. Manage the impact of these activities on the Consensus Business Plan.

Integrate with the Consensus Business Plan and analyse and report in detail.

Integration with the Consensus Business Plan is at the heart of Blueshift’s ONE Solution.

  1. Use promotional delivery profiles to phase the impact of a promotion on the volume and financial forecast;
  2. Enjoy ONE’s extensive suite of trade spend reporting and analytic capabilities.

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