For Category and Commercial Analysts

Explore the top features that enable Integrated Business Planning for Category and Commercial Analysts.

Slice and dice actual, forecast, and budget metrics by all dimensions.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution is designed for real-time Business Intelligence.

  • Drill down in Excel Pivot tables and drive business insights;
  • Measure advanced metrics, such as promotional spend phased financially or adjusted to actual promotion dates;
  • View and drill down in promotional calendars.

Overlay ex-factory, secondary and scan sales.

The ONE Solution brings together corporate and external data in a central repository.

  • Bring together external data automatically using EANs and exception matching;
  • Conduct analysis from a single point including Ex-Factory, Secondary, Scan, Retailer inventory, orders and more;
  • Align the business on standard naming by customising measure names throughout the system.

Understand the business profitability and the customer’s.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution is designed for enhancing the conversation with your customer.

  • View business and retailer profitability in-promotion while scenario modelling;
  • Analyse overall actual and forecast retailer profitability including drill-down.

Compare and optimise individual promotions and overall programs.

Modelling scenarios at item, group, and total plan level is at the heart of the ONE Solution.

  • Model individual scenarios and create an optimised promotional menu for the Sales team;
  • Model entire strategy changes and evaluate business impact.

Understand what worked and what didn’t.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution brings integrated post-promotion analysis.

  • Compare the system’s estimate against the user’s estimate against actuals;
  • Investigate forecast accuracy using snapshots as well as by rolling lead time.

Save the analysis and reports for easy access by the wider team.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution puts reporting in the hands of power users, with distribution to the wider audience simple.

  • Create extensive reports and distribute to the team, which can be refreshed with a single click.

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