For Financial Controllers and CFOs

Explore the top features that enable Integrated Business Planning for Financial Controllers and CFOs.

Set spend limits for the account team.

Management by authorisation or by exception are supported by the ONE Solution.

  • Track the Sales team by exception reporting or by electronic authorisation;
  • Set group based limits on incremental spend, ROI, minimum net price by item and customer, and other metrics;
  • Have complete flexibility with approval routing;
  • User authority delegation.

Reduce audit hassles with accurate and transparent promotion level accruals.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution is designed to tightly integrate the IBP financials into the ERP.

  • Generate accruals and off-invoice price discounts from the integrated Consensus Business Plan and interface automatically with the ERP;
  • Maintain flexible accrual phasing rules to align spend with Ex Factory off-take or in-store execution;
  • Interface monthly, weekly or daily and support time-spanning promotions and 5-4-4 and 1-31 calendars.

Never pay an illegitimate claim again through accurate promotional matching and authorisation.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution strengthens process by bringing together Sales and Finance, electronically.

  • Tailor the claim process flow to your business, assigning the tasks of claim matching, processing, and authorisation to Sales or Finance.
  • Configure a best-practice process for managing AR and AP claims, tracking claims on balance sheet clearing accounts or the customer and supplier ledgers;
  • Manage disputed claims.

Understand where sales and gross margin will come in at the end of the fiscal year.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution makes makes the Consensus Business Plan clearly visible.

  • View the Consensus Business Plan in real time using the latest inputs from Sales and Marketing;
  • Track to a more stable, rolling monthly view for senior reporting;
  • Compare with budget versions and forecast snapshots to understand changes and gaps.

Drill down for customer and product profitability.

Information is held by item and customer in the ONE Solution enabling effective drill-down analysis.

  • Have financials such as accruals generate automatically by item and customer, and process claims by item and customer using a variety of allocation algorithms as required;
  • Interface claims and accruals to the ERP, and all other financials from the ERP (including allocation) for true GM reconciliation and item and customer visibility;
  • Drill down in fixed format reports and flexible Excel pivot tables for analysis.

Have trust and confidence in the IBP numbers.

The Integrated Business Planning process naturally drives increased data quality.

  • Have trust in the numbers flowing through from the Sales team;
  • Eliminate the need for manual monthly accruals and commercial forecasts.

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