For Sales Directors

Explore the top features that enable Integrated Business Planning for Sales Directors.

Report on sales and gross margin by customer and product, and know where the gaps are to budget for the full year.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution enables true Integrated Business Planning, all hinging on the central, single, visible Consensus Business Plan.

  • Have the very latest, dynamic, real-time Consensus Business Plan at your fingertips;
  • Communicate to senior management on a monthly basis using rolling monthly stability and narratives;
  • Drill down simply by product and customer to understand gaps.

Set meaningful KPIs for the sales team based on sales, spend and GM.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution moves the conversation from revenue management to gross margin.

  • Set best practice KPIs across the business including revenue, gross margin, spend, spend percent, and forecast accuracy;
  • Contextually adapt to changes in the marketplace.

Receive accolades from your customers for superior Delivery Performance and service levels.

The “natural tension” associated with a Consensus Business Plan drive improvements in Delivery Performance and customer relationships.

  • Have proactive supply conversations with customers;
  • Build customer confidence in supply and delivery.

Set authorisation limits for the team.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution allows for tighter control over the Sales team.

  • Set meaningful spend limits based on incremental spend, ROI, minimum price guidelines (and others);
  • Quickly and easily approve promotions including email notifications.

Spend more time collaborating that validating data.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution saves account managers time by acting as a single point of entry.

  • Have account managers interact with their variables only (promotion mechanics and frequency), and automate master data, forecasts and financials.
  • Increase collaboration with cross-account calendars and reports.

Achieve a true one-number Consensus Business Plan.

Blueshift’s ONE Solution is designed specifically for Integrated Business Planning.

  • Have the business entirely aligned from commercial to production on a single forecast;
  • Eliminate the mass of spreadsheets.

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